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  • Shakespeare Readers Theatre – March 13 and April 16 and 24 -
    The works of William Shakespeare are beautifully written but many aren’t aware of how much fun they are to read and to act. The Journey, the writing group associated with this Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month, has scheduled some sessions for folks to come out to read-through (no memorization required!) one of Shakespeare’s […]
  • Pictures from the Writer’s Voice Workshop (2013) -
    Pictures from the 7 April 2013 Writer’s Voice Workshop We had fifteen attendees of the workshop and eleven at the dinner afterwards.
  • Writer’s Voice Workshop -
    April 7th (Sunday) is the free Finding Your Writer’s Voice workshop (1:30-4:30 PM). Registration is required (there are only four spots open). Contact NewMexicoKid if you are interested in participating. This is a great way to get a better feel for what your writer’s voice is. April 13th (Saturday) is the next Journey meeting (11:30 […]
  • Legend author Marie Lu on social networking and writing YA fiction -
    New author Marie Lu talks about social networking and writing YA fiction: interesting, short article for those wanting to get published.
  • Review your novel in Book format -
    I just saw create space has a new interior view feature. When you open a new title in create space, you upload a word doc or PDF, and view your novel in book format, page by page. Very helpful for later.
  • Happy Holidays! -
    Happy Holidays, everyone. As January and 2011 speed towards us on wings of fury, this is the perfect time for some reflection on where we are in our writing Journey. Katherine is hosting one more write-in at Caribou Coffee this year (Thursday, 9:30 am). Our first meeting for the Journey is coming up January 8th; […]
  • May 22nd outing (the Journey) -
    Just a reminder that members of the Journey that we have an outing scheduled for the early afternoon of May 22 at beautiful Herrick lake. You can RSVP on the Current events page (Password protected).
  • Update on the Journey -
    We have twenty three members (there are more than that on the e-mail list but these are the folks who have added themselves to the members list on the wiki). There are three major projects for the Journey: Anthology 1: an anthology of short stories based on a common first line (16 participants) Anthology 2: […]

the Journey

About the Journey

Originally called the Pledge, the Journey is the Illinois::Naperville region's year-round writing group. Ground rules (such few as exist) are set up by the participants of each year. We encourage people to write down their writing goals, whatever they may be; and we will try to help each other achieve these while

  • socializing (hey, we all have writing as a common interest)
  • doing some writing exercises (to help us grow as writers)
  • sharing information (e.g., experiences with query letters, agents and publishing houses)
  • writing some short stories (e.g., for anthologies that we self-publish)
  • doing some critiquing of each other's stories, though there are other resources online that might be better for that (e.g., critters, critique circle and urbis)

How to use this site

This is just the front page of the site. There is a members-only wiki; members have been sent an access login and password that they can use to access the members-only site.

Once inside the site, new members will need to register their own personal account (login and password). Note that this means that future write-access to the members-only site requires a two-step login:

  1. use the access-login/access-password to access the site
  2. setup/use a personal wiki login/password to actually do things on the wiki.
Note that the wiki is an instance of Mediawiki, the same software underlying the Wikipedia.

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